Paper ID Title Authors First author email Type
1570654270 A Novel Scheme for Access Control Policy Generating and Evaluating in IoT based on Machine Learning Yinyan Zhao 118106010741@njust.edu.cn regular
1570659668 A Distributed DBSCAN Algorithm for Massive Data in Cyber Physical and Social Computing Wei Zhang zw@hytc.edu.cn regular
1570653020 A High Capacity Text Steganography Utilizing Unicode Zero-Width Characters Hafsat Muhammad Bashir muhd.hafsat@njust.edu.cn regular
1570654257 A Selective Model Aggregation Approach in Federated Learning for Online Anomaly Detection Yang Qin shin@hal.ipc.i.u-tokyo.ac.jp regular
1570659165 Children's Drawing Psychological Analysis using Shallow Convolutional Neural Network Yue Yuan yuanyue19950924@163.com regular
1570660242 Energy- and Time-Efficient Tasks Offloading and Dynamic Resource Allocation in Smart City Bohai Zhao amebhzhao@foxmail.com regular
1570660808 CAUSE: Caching Aided by USer Equipment Margarita Vitoropoulou mvitoropoulou@netmode.ntua.gr regular
1570661354 A Frequency-based Text Detection and Classification Method for Screen Display Images Tingting Gu 1772315355@qq.com regular
1570661369 Multi-feature based Age Identification for Handwriting Document Haiqun Cai 1452300540@qq.com regular
1570661382 Water Body Variation Detection by analyzing Remote Sensing Imagery Pengfei Han 578910005@qq.com regular
1570665396 A Novel Online Customer Service System based on Deep Learning Technology Wenqing Mao 947117435@qq.com regular
1570665397 A Novel Personas Algorithm based on Continuous Integration Information Yupeng Yu jadesperwalker@qq.com regular
1570665574 RFID-Based WIMEC-LANDMARC Indoor Location Algorithm Yang Li 1546984396@qq.com regular
1570665677 Research of a Self-adaptive Mixed-Variable Multi-objective Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm Yiguang Gong yiguang-gong@nuist.edu.cn regular
1570667105 An Ensemble of Random Decision Trees with Personalized Privacy Preservation in Edge-Cloud Computing Xiaotong Wu wxt199003@gmail.com> regular
1570653268 Differentially Private Machine Learning Model against Model Extraction Attack Zelei Cheng cheng473@purdue.edu regular
1570659377 An Assessment of the Usability of Machine Learning Based Tools for the Security Operations Center Sean Oesch toesch1@vols.utk.edu regular
1570653685 Extending the CST: The Distributed Cognitive Toolkit Wandemberg Gibaut wgibaut@dca.fee.unicamp.br regular
1570660123 Toward A Sustainable Cyber-Physical System Architecture for Urban Water Supply System Di Wu wudi312858@gmail.com regular
1570666947 DeepER: A Deep Learning based Emergency Resolution Time Prediction System Gissella Bejarano gbejara1@binghamton.edu regular
1570667862 Automatic Prediction and Insertion of Multiple Emojis in Social Media Text Hongyu Jiang hongyu.jiang.4g@stu.hosei.ac.jp regular
1570668181 CAMDet: CAM-based objection detection for non-crowded views from moving IoT devices Yuheng Cao yskyerda@uci.edu regular
1570668857 RBAC Illegal Information Flow Control Based on Timed Colored Petri Net Meng Liu liumeng@sdu.edu.cn regular
1570660448 Misleading Sentiment Analysis: Generating Adversarial Texts by the Ensemble Word Addition Algorithm Yushun Xie xieyushun@gzhu.edu.cn regular
1570653470 Trajectory Outlier Detection Based on DBSCAN and Velocity Entropy Wenhan Dai(Dalian University of Technology, China) martindwh@mail.dlut.edu.cn regular
1570652900 Real-time Vision-Language-Navigation based on a Lite Pre-training Model Jitao Huang huangjitao_51818@126.com short
1570653488 Simulation environment of embedded control system for multi-core processor with faster CPU simulator Yukikazu Nakamoto nakamoto@ai.u-hyogo.ac.jp short
1570660999 Real-Time Operating Systems for Cyber-Physical Systems: Current Status and Future Research  Liang Cheng cheng@lehigh.edu short
1570645953 An Integrated Platform for Collaborative Data Analytics Sean Oesch toesch1@vols.utk.edu short
1570649824 Research on a road target detection method based on improved YOLOv3 Chen Zhang 18085211095@qhu.edu.cn short
1570650369 Ontology-based Automatic Semantic Annotation Method for IoT Data Resources Lingyun Yuan yuanlingyun@ynnu.edu.cn short
1570653533 A Free Placement Approach to Upper-Limb Tracking Using Inertial Sensors Xueyan Wu 20181221016@nuist.edu.cn short
1570653548 A Fast Classification Approach to Upper-Limb Posture Recognition Xueyan Wu 20181221016@nuist.edu.cn short
1570654691 Internet of Things Based Electricity Theft Detection Using Raspberry PI Oscar Famous Darteh 20195220010@nuist.edu.cn short
1570660204 Multi-source Meteorological Observation Data Quality Control Algorithm Based on Data Mining Tao Li  lthnxx@21cn.com short
1570661685 Research and Design of Square Kilometer Array Astronomical Data Management Model Based on Fabric Jinhua Fu 53944893@qq.com short
1570665572 Data Aggregation Algorithm based on Autoregressive Model in Wireless Sensor Networks Hanxiao Zhi 1365370292@qq.com short
1570666330 Variant transfer learning for wood recognition Penggui Huang xlhpg365@gmail.com short
1570666391 A Survey on Blockchain: Architecture, Applications, Challenges, and Future Trends Jinmei Yang wyebo123@163.com short
1570666663 Edge Computing for Internet of Things: A Survey Huihui Xue 451324009@qq.com short
1570666694 Fast Fire Identification Soft-Core Package Design Based on FPGA Yongtao Liu ytliu@ncist.edu.cn short
1570666790 Empirical Research on Cluster Analysis of Spectral Information of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data Yueyu Dong dongyueyu@swfu.edu.cn short
1570667056 Application of NER and Association Rules to Traditional Chinese Medicine Patent Mining Tianci Chen chtianci@foxmail.com short
1570667073 Research of Association Rules Based on Improved Ant Colony Optimization Tianci Chen chtianci@foxmail.com short
1570667202 A survey of head pose estimation methods Zhenping Qiang qzp@swfu.edu.cn short
1570645948 An Evaluation of Caching in Nation Scale, Normally Isolated Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Sean Oesch toesch1@vols.utk.edu short
1570653198 The Research on Control and Dynamic Property of Autonomous Vehicle Adaptive Lidar System Jing Chen lake@tiwte.ac.cn short
1570653210 RPCC: A Replica Placement Method to Alleviate the Replica Consistency under Dynamic Cloud ShengYao Sun snowssy@henu.edu.cn short
1570653327 Image Tampering Localization Based on Superpixel Segmentation Weiwei Zhang zhangweiwei2012@126.com short
1570653335 Research on Reliability-Centered Maintenance Strategy of Container Terminal Shore Crane Hanlin Zhang zhengyanshi@tiwte.ac.cn short
1570653387 Sequential Recommendation with a Pre-trained Module Learning Multi-modal Information Tengyue Han hantengyue@bupt.edu.cn short
1570653407 Anti-html Evasion in Intrusion Prevention System FengDong dongfeng@sangfor.com.cn short
1570653751 A Vulnerability Mining Model of Java Json Deserialization Based on AST Yahe Kuang kuangyahe@brdc.icbc.com.cn short
1570654070 Reversible Data Hiding Algorithm with High Imperceptibility based on Histogram Shifting Linna Zhou zhoulinna@tsinghua.edu.cn short
1570653231 Cypher Social Contracts - A Novel Protocol Specification for Cyber Physical Smart Contracts Lars Creutz l.creutz@umwelt-campus.de short
1570653586 Noise Estimation-based Method for MRI Denoising with Discriminative Perceptual Architecture Xiaorui Xu xuxiaorui616@gmail.com short
1570667113 Forest Type Classification with Multitemporal Sentinel-2 Data Jin Li lee125295@sohu.com short
1570667615 Improvement of the Matrix for Simple Matrix Encryption Scheme Wenchao Liu 646589015@QQ.COM short
1570644685 Research on Low-Voltage Equivalent On-site Calibration Method of DC Voltage Transformer Ning Li 41306185@qq.com short
1570652799 Drug-Drug Interaction Extraction using Pre-training Model of Enhanced Entity Information
Ang Wen wenang@stu.hznu.edu.cn short
1570651820 Sampling Workloads with Dynamic Time Scale to Promote the Energy Efficiency of Datacenters Cheng Hu huchengcs@gdufs.edu.cn short
1570660740 Delay Aware Intelligent Task Prediction and Computation Offloading Method for Cloud-edge Computing Jingling Yuan yuanjingling@126.com short
1570653914 Leveraging Multi-view Learning for Human Anomaly Detection in Industrial Internet of Things Samundra Deep samundra.deep@hdr.mq.edu.au short
1570668889 Improved Modeling of SMER Constraints Violation in Interoperable RBAC Based on Colored Petri Net Meng Liu liumeng@sdu.edu.cn short
1570643570  Infrared and visible image fusion based on local gradient constraints Guosheng Lu lgs19990304@163.com short
1570660853 Gaussian Image Denoiser Based on Deep Convolutional Sparse Coding with Attention Mechanism Yu Shi q17010307@njupt.edu.cn Short
1570654632 X-DOG: An Intelligent X-ray-based Dangerous Goods Detection and Automatic Alarm System Yu Shi q17010307@njupt.edu.cn short
1570653484 Random Forest Based Multi-View Fighting Detection with Direction Consistency Feature Extraction Xuehua Wang(Dalian University of Technology, China) wangxh@dlut.edu.cn short
1570653332 CNN Network for Head Detection with Depth Images in cyber-physical systems Qi Wang 201811090805@std.uestc.edu.cn short 
1570653495 Efficient Reduction on Decision Implication Can Wang(Dalian University of Technology, China) canwang@dlust.edu.cn short