SmartCity 2020: 26 regular  
Paper ID Title Authors First author email Type
1570664664 Vector Field Model for Trajectory Data and Its Application in Similarity Query Yiling Jia; Che-Rung Lee regular
1570665489 Componentry Analysis of Intelligent Transportation Systems in Smart Cities Towards a Connected Future Priyanka Trivedi; Farhana H. Zulkernine regular
1570665639 Traffic Monitoring with Google Map Data (a Case of Tehran) Sepideh Zare Pour Sohi; Saeed Banihashemi regular
1570673525 Analysis of Urban Traffic Incidents Through Road Network Features Takfarinas Saber; Laurentiu Capatina; Anthony Ventresque regular
1570675614 Travel Time Prediction in Missing Data Areas: Feature-Based Transfer Learning Approach Sayda Elmi; Kian Lee Tan regular
1570675742 IEEE 802.11 WLAN Based Indoor Positioning Algorithm Using Weight Grey Prediction Model Jing Wang regular
1570675769 A Privacy Preserving Framework for Smart Cities Utilising IoT, Smart Buildings and Big Data Catherine Inibhunu; Carolyn McGregor, AM regular
1570680155 Security Enhanced via Fountain Codes for Service Migration Haochen Zhang; Mengmeng Cui regular
1570680170 RONIN: A SUMO Interoperable Mesoscopic Urban Traffic Simulator Takfarinas Saber; Côme Cachard; Anthony Ventresque regular
1570680250 Collaborative Multi-Object Tracking as an Edge Service Using Transfer Learning Han Sun; Yu Chen; Alex Aved; Erik Blasch regular
1570680548 An Intelligent Traffic Light Control System Based on Dual Mode Special Vehicle Identification Beilei Cui; Erxiang Ren; Li Luo regular
1570680577 Distributed-To-Centralized Data Management Through Blockchain Technologies in Smart University Amir Sinaeepourfard; Ali Dorri regular
1570680583 A Survey on Randomized Mechanisms for Statistical Learning Under Local Differential Privacy Datong Wu; Xiaotong Wu; Xiaolong Xu; Lianyong Qi regular
1570680592 Hybrid Resource Orchestration and Scheduling for Cyber-Physical-Human Systems Jianyong Zhu; Xu Wang; Tianyu Wo; Chunming Hu regular
1570680669 DynaScale: An Intelligent Image Scale Selection Framework for Visual Matching in Smart IoT Bo-Lung Tsai; Kwei Jay Lin; Yuheng Cao; Yu Meng regular
1570680718 Prediction of Food Preparation Time in the COVID-19 Era Carson K. Leung regular
1570680764 Deep Spatial-Temporal Inception Network for Traffic Flow Prediction Penggui Huang; Bi Huang; Zhao Fan; Yanfeng Zhang; Mingong Chen regular
1570680793 Fog Computing Security Assessment for Device Authentication in the Internet of Things Saud Al Harbi; Talal Halabi; Martine Bellaïche regular
1570680826 A Novel Developer Portrait Model Based on Bert-Capsule Network Yirui Wu; Yupeng Yu; Benze Wu regular
1570680831 A Novel SMOTE Algorithm Based Portrait Model for Programmers Yirui Wu; Shun Zhao; Yupeng Yu regular
1570680833 Edge Intelligence Empowered Distribution Path Planning with Internet of Vehicles Tiancai Li; Yiping Wen; Zheng Tan; Hong Chen regular
1570680855 Deep Collaborative Filtering for Sparsity-Aware Recommender Systems Wenmin Lin regular
1570680897 A Multi-Objective Genetic GAN Oversampling: Application to Intelligent Transport Anomaly Detection Wayoud Bouzeraib; Afifa Ghenai; Nadia Zeghib regular
1570680938 BeaCloud: A Generic Architecture for Sustainable Smart City Using Bluetooth Beacons Raiful Hasan; Ragib Hasan regular
1570691271 Adversarial Training for Underwater Target Recognition in Complex Marine Conditions Xin Zeng; Xingang Liu; Gaoyu Song; Dayu Wang; Hengguang Luo; Boxuan Zhang regular
1570691856 Image Recognition System of Pointer Meter in Substation GuiLiang Li; Biao Tang; Bo Li; Xinyuan Luo; Yong Liang regular