PaperID Title Authors First author email Type Uploaded Registratio Payment
1570844046 Target Recognition of HRRP Based on CNN With Multi-Axis Attention and Residual Connections Yuxuan Zhang; Kong Yingying Regular Research Paper
1570846124 Analyzing the Spatial-Temporal Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Public Attention to 5G Based on Baidu Index Pan Liu Regular Research Paper
1570850883 Learning Based Opportunistic Data Transmission for Cognitive Industrial IoT Li Li; Xiaoxiong Zhong Regular Research Paper
1570851101 Index System Construction and Weight Distribution Method Based on Improved Credibility Liang Chen; Sule Wang; Lulu Zhao Regular Research Paper
1570851997 Unsupervised Anomaly Detection for IoT Data Based on Robust Adversarial Learning Yan Qiao; Benchu Zhang; Zeyu Zhang Regular Research Paper
1570852414 An Improved Deep Network of Pulmonary Tuberculosis Lesions Detection Based on YOLO Le An; Kexin Peng; Xing Yang Research Paper
1570837783 timeTree: How to Represent Time Sequence in a Threat Tree Zhitao Wu; Jingjing Hu; Xiaowei Zhang; Wei Ren Research Paper
1570844678 A Hybrid Model Based on Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Medical Named Entity Recognition Degaung Li; Shoubo Peng; Yongxin Zhang; Hao Lu; Bo Yu; Youzhong Ma Research Paper
1570844849 A Deep Learning Network for Detecting COVID-19 From Chest X-Ray Images Bo Wang; Jiyong Zhang; Binbin Zhang; Yongxin Zhang; Shihui Ji Research Paper
1570845102 Research Status, Hot Spots and Frontier Trend of Information Technology Education From the Perspective of Knowledge Graph Yulin Zhao Research Paper