HPCC 2021 - Travel Guide
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Travel Guide


The conference is to be held in Haikou.

1. About Haikou:

-       Introduction

Haikou, also known as “Coconut City”, is the southernmost and only tropical sea-island provincial capital of China. Located at N20°, Haikou is far away from cold winter and haze. It boasts balmy weather all year around, with annual average temperature of 24.3℃. It is a place with abundant sunshine, clear sea water, clean and fine beaches, dancing coconut trees, colorful sailboards floating far out at sea. Being ranked among Top 3 happiness cities of China three years in a row, Haikou is a coastal holiday destination with sunshine and clean air as a high-quality international tourism city that leaves tourists to linger around and enjoy life.


-       Charming Tropical Beaches Create a Habitat in Paradise:

A seaside city is a lucky city indeed and Haikou's urban development follows the sea as it meanders unbroken along a charming and world-famous coastline for 131 kilometres. This fascinating city features the most beautiful scenic promenades, blue skies, jade seas, sunshine, sandy beaches and coconut palms; a picturesque location of intoxicating beauty rich in ionized clean and fresh air that leads to Hainan's recognition as an island of health and longevity. With its strong tropical seaside charm and interest, Haikou is fast becoming a livable Chinese residential paradise!

-       Culture:

Hainan culture is the combination of traditional culture of mainland China, the culture of the border areas of south China and foreign cultures. On one hand, it maintains its traditional culture forms, such as Qiong Opera, Junpo Festival, Huanghua Festival, dragon and lion dances. On the other hand, it absorbs modern culture forms, such as Karaoke, KTV, singing and dancing performance, golf, bowling, sailing and surfing. Tourists can not only appreciate bamboo pole dance and coconut shell dance, but also play golf and go sailing on the sea.

2. Landscapes:

Here are some pictures of Haikou:


o   The Century Bridge of Haikou City


o   Nightfall on a Haikou’s Beach

o   The Holiday Beach

o   The West Coast of Haikou City

o   The Five-Lord Temple

o   The Traditional Street

3. Haikou on the map:

Click this link linking to Google Map.



Visa letters will be provided by HPCC-2021 organizers and will only be issued to attendees who have paid their registration fees in full and are eligible to travel to Haikou. When you have completed your registration, provide the information requested and email to the official mailbox of the conference.

It is suggested to apply for a temporary visitor VISA. If an invitation letter is required in your country, please follow the steps below.

  • Confirm the invitation type (conference organization issued or government issued) from the Haikou embassy in your country.
  • After we received your application, we will send you an invitation letter back.


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